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USF Pro Webstite Headshots - Schotten

Erick Schotten (R)

#90 Exclusive Autosport


Birthdate: May 18, 2007
Hometown: Rio do Sul, Brazil
Residence: Indianapolis, Indiana
Instagram: @e.schotten
Twitter: @eschotten
Team Website: exclusiveautosport.com




Bell Racing

Nationality: Brazilian

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish

Height/weight: 5’5” / 122 lbs.

Education: Currently in Ninth Grade at Sport World School

Hobbies: Racing, sim racing, games, working out, running

Favorite sports to watch:  Motorsports - all categories but my favorite is F1 (Mercedes)

Favorite sports to play: Motorsports, golf, tennis 

Bucket list items: Visit Jerusalem and live a dream life

Favorite food: Mashed potatoes and BBQ

Guilty food pleasure: Pizza and hamburgers (once a month)

Best meal I can cook by myself: BBQ

Racing goal: Become 2023 USF Juniors Champion

Racing hero: Lewis Hamilton

Career results:


  • Won the Formula Delta Championship (Brazilian single-seater series) with eight wins, two poles and 13 podiums
  • Tested in USF Juniors and US F4


  • South Brazilian vice champion in karting (Junior)


  • Advanced to karting in the Junior category
  • South Brazilian kart champion


  • Advanced to the Junior Menor category
  • Finished second Brazil Cup qualifying


  • Contested first professional kart races (Cadet)


  • Began racing karts